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Revolutionary New Video Software Creates Amazing Interactive Videos with Live Optin Forms and Buttons for Web, Facebook and Mobile... Nothing To Download Or Install.

Keep reading to discover one simple line of text can flood your business with traffic, optins and sales, faster than you can pop a champagne cork...

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Hey there,

If you're tired of being ignored online...

... and if people aren't clicking...

... subscribing...

... or buying...

...then listen closely, because we've discovered a hidden trick that turns any video into an eye-ball grabbing, click generating, subscriber and sales magnet.

And it's nothing to do with creating
"awesome videos..."

Trust me, we've blown enough money on "awesome" videos and although it's nice to get a ton of "Likes" and "Views..."

... the reality is...

Likes and views do NOT add to your
bottom line though...

At the end of the day...
... the only thing that matters are clicks, subscribers and sales.
The question is...
... how can you turn your videos from easily ignored... utterly irresistible?
After blowing through advertising like Budweiser at the Superbowl...
... I finally found the secret:

If you want to stop busy traffic in their tracks...

You gotta get INTERACTIVE!

From Zappos to Armani, Sage to Microsoft...
... product creators to affiliates...
... and right through to local businesses...
...the entire world is waking up to interactive videos...
... and it's now widely recognized as the secret weapon for rapidly boosting response rates like never before.


Don't just take my word for it...

We could spew hundreds of facts about the power of interactive video (and how it's going to completely crush traditional ads and regular sales videos in 2015 and beyond...)
... but there's no need to prove it...
... because it's just common sense.
In fact...

It's part of our DNA!

As cavemen, we created weapons and tools...
.... because we got tired of using our hands.

It's human nature to make life easier.


So when someone can hit an order button...
...visit your website...
... or sign up for your email list...
...without leaving their newsfeed or memorizing URLS...
... it's suddenly easier to respond.
And the easier it is to respond...
... the more responses you'll get!

The only problem is...


Interactive video is a pain in the butt.
Coding, programming, designing and embedding interactive videos is
neither quick, nor easy... and adding mobile friendly videos to
Facebook Pages is a notorious problem that creates all kinds of
glitches and playback problems
.In fact...
... it's a real roadblock for technophobes like me.
And it's super expensive to outsource too...
... especially if you're publishing videos regularly.

That's why We created...


A next-generation video app that runs on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using our smart URL technology.


Turn plain videos into
profit making machines

Now you can quickly add buttons, links, logos, captions, optin forms, with the push of a button and convert "easy-to-ignore" videos into response-getting sales machines on Facebook (... even if you're not a copywriter and can't code to save your life.)


Mobile responsive and
Facebook friendly

Reach more people through their favorite device, with a simple Facebook friendly shortcode for mobile viewers. The built in "Magic URL" system bypasses the problem of FB Page Tabs not working on mobile.


Offline marketing

Videos will always assist the offline marketers to get more engagement just by having a FB page with related content


Full Analytics

See which videos are working the best so you can rinse and repeat winning campaigns.


Works with all major Autoresponders

Build your list directly from your videos, without complex landing pages, using your favorite autoresponder.


Cloud based

No need to download clunky software. Now you can convert regular videos into profit machines anywhere with an internet connection.


Custom Skins

The tool has Video skins to make it look more appealing depending on the purpose


Wordpress Plugin

The tool comes with a built in Wordpress plugin that is easy to Install on your WP site


Webinar Integration

You can have your webinar integration directly onto the campaigns. Not many tools will offer you this flexibility


Splash Images

Our Social Mobi Videos all come with a function to enable a click-enticing splash image of your choice


Multiple Templates

Depending on what version you get, up to 45 templates giving you maximum flexibility


Fan Page Integration

Directly add your Social Mobi Videos to your Facebook Page Tabs so you can easily drive traffic there with ads


Pop-up Embed

Make your Social Mobi Videos auto-popup with our easy to use embed code


Royalty Free Graphics

Become an authority of the video campaigns by adding the Royalty Free Graphics and thereby increasing interaction on the video.


Call to Action Buttons

Loads of pre-deigned call to action buttons you add over your video and make them only appear when you decide.


Fully customizable

Edit the look and feel of your call to action elements, and customize the video template to match your website, product or brand


Step outside the box

You can even add your call to action elements outside of the video itself, so you can demand a response, without obstructing the video content


Full support and risk free

We're here to help if you need us and your purchase is protected by a full 30 day, no questioned asked guaranteed

In fact, it's so easy you can...

Turn your videos into response-getting
machines in 4 simple steps!


Add your video and choose the call to
action you want. Insert an optin form to
collect leads in your favorite
autoresponder, or add order buttons,
website links, captions, marquees or even
your own "theft prevention" watermarks.


Choose where your call to
action will appear. Inside or outside the video?
Top, bottom, or side? It's your call. You can
even add an eye-catching, professional
template to really make your video catch
people's attention and get the views it


Hit the publish button and Social Mobi
Videos generates a simple line of text (aka
"shortcode") for you to use, and boom,
your interactive video automatically appears like
magic....amd it works for FB, Web AND Mobile,
all from 1 link.


Sit back, watch your clicks, subscribers
and sales erupt and spewlike a volcano.
Use the inbuilt analytics and split testing tool to keep track
of how well your interactive video is
performing and watch your traffic, optins
and sales grow like garden weeds, right
before your eyes.


Social Mobi Videos comes preloaded with Customizable templates,
player skins and Graphics!


Just think of the possibilities...


If you're a local business owner...

you can start collecting leads from your next video and immediately start sending promotional emails, to turn one-off buyers into loyal customers for life.
You can use video to demonstrate your products, or even introduce your friendly staff, building trust and desire in your buyer's eyes... and presenting them with an order link, email sign up form, right when they're most engaged with you.


If you're an online marketer...

you can start using video to presell people on your products and services, and offer a report download link, an email optin offer, or a direct buy now link, right when people are hot under the collar for your offer.

And it gets better, because everything is...

100% cloud based


Which means you can put up powerful, interactive, response-getting Facebook videos anywhere with an internet connection... without downloading clunky software!

It doesn't matter what you're selling...

After months of beta testing with affiliate offers, CPA offers, info products and coaching, across all kinds of niches, online, offline, globally and locally...
... Social Mobi Videoscan get the response your videos deserve.
In fact, when you really think about it...

It's hard to fail with tools like this at your command!

When you tap the world's biggest website...
... with mobile optimized video...
... and powerful call to actions that appearat just the right time...
... you've got a very powerful tool that can really transform your business.

And it gets even easier with Soci Mobi Videos under your belt...

Social Mobi Videos automatically generates the shortcode
you need to place on Facebook, to stream your interactive
videos, without bugs or glitches.

So in less than 60 seconds you can have your own customized, interactive
videos live on Facebook... pulling in clicks, subscribers and sales sooner than
you think.

Whether you're running a local business, promoting affiliate offers, selling your
own info products or just trying to escape the dreaded 9-5 drudgery...

... Social Mobi Videos can get you the traffic, subscribers and sales you need,
with less resistance and faster than ever.
And I'm so sure this will work for you...


30 Day Money Back Guarantee - NO RISK

We are only happy if our customers are happy, and we want you to buy in confidence. For that reason, if at any time within 30 days of your purchase you are not lovin' Social Mobi Videos, just let us know and we'll refund you right away. You have nothing to lose by getting in now- we have removed all risk.

And the good news is...

It won't cost you thousands either!

Even though it cost over $10,000 to develop Social Mobi Videos, along with countless hours and long weekends working out all the kinks...
... you won't pay anywhere near that.
And you won't have to hire copywriters and designers to create "better" videos...
... or waste more time and money on Facebook video ads don't convert.
Instead, you can use Social Mobi Videos to turn regular videos into high converting
cash machines at the push of a button...

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We're offering complete lifetime usage rights to Social Mobi
Videos for a one-time payment of just $47...
Once this special offer is over, the only way to access Social
Mobi Videos will be through a monthly payment plan.
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access to this breakthrough tool, at the absolute lowest
price possible.

So why wait?

Running an online business is getting harder each day, as more and more people jump
online and start muscling in on your crowd of potential buyers.
And as you probably know...
... the higher the demand for traffic...
... the higher the cost of traffic goes up.
Without the right approach in 2015, markers are going to start paying more money, and
spending more energy, trying to grab their share of the traffic.
Don't fall into that trap.

Grab your copy of SociMobi Video to get cheap, targeted traffic today... and start
building your list and immunizing yourself to the rising cost of traffic... and growing
competition out there today.

Act now to get the best deal on Social
Mobi Videos...

... and finally turn passing traffic into gathering crowds that stop, look, listen and respond to your videos...
.. so you don't have to waste more time and money making video posts and ads that people keep ignoring...
... and finally sleep easy at night, knowing that you have the coveted power to generate traffic, subscribers and sales at will...
... quickly test new markets and offers...
... build your email lists...
... launch your products...
... generate local leads...
... and never worry where the next pay check is coming from.

But this is not a magic button...

MobiSoci Videos can't make your products or offers more
appealing... and it can't create videos for you (yet.)
But if you want to explode your response rate with fully
customizable, interactive videos that are proven to capture
people's attention and engage them...
.. and reduce your ad spend, boost your ROI and get an unfair
advantage when it comes to Facebook marketing...
... then Social Mobi Videos is for you.

P.S - Whatever happens, remember this...

Whether you decide to invest in Social Mobi Videos or not, interactive videos will remain every marketer's secret to higher response rates, especially on attention-starved websites such as Facebook.
The difference is...
... with Social Mobi Videos...
... you can dramatically boost your video response rate without any technical skills or hiring experts.
Simpy drop your video into Social Mobi Videos and watch your response rate explode.
As thousands of my loyal customers will agree...
... I never release a new product unless I know it works, has been tested to breaking point, and has a fully-fledged support team behind it.
Social Mobi Videos is no different.


P.P.S -You can keep hoping for the next lottery ticket,
magic button tool, or unexpected inheritance
money from a long lost relative...

... or you can put your smart money on a tool that is carefully designed to turn your easy to ignore videos into response-getting sales machines that put your
business - and bank account - right where you need them to be.
But you must hurry...
...because this exclusive discount is only available for the next 5 days!

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